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Covid-19 Client Notice

Avalon Bus Services


In response to COVID-19 Avalon Bus Services has implemented the following safety measures to promote the health and safety of our customers and employees:

  • Motorcoach Operators must wear a mask at all times while on duty
  • Passengers must wear a mask at all times when on board our buses, no exceptions
  • Client must designate one passenger as “Group Leader” of the passengers on each bus and will be held responsible for upholding this policy for their passengers
  • Passengers must maintain social distancing while on board, entering or exiting the bus
  • Passengers should seat themselves with social distancing in mind
  • To meet social distancing guidelines, we recommend passenger capacity per bus be no more than 50% but this is ultimately up to  the Client and Group Leader
  • The first row of seats on both sides of the bus behind the driver will not be open for passengers and must remain empty for the entirety of each trip
  • We are practicing social distancing and additional cleaning protocols at our facilities
  • In addition to hand sanitizer being provided as requested by passengers, we are installing permanent stations within all Motorcoaches as they become available
  • Avalon Bus Services has implemented an updated daily bus cleaning and disinfecting process including:
    • Utilizing an EPA approved disinfectant chemical
    • The wiping down of all high touch surfaces and mopping the floor
    • Wiping down the restroom


  • The best prevention is not to be exposed to the virus. Stay home when you feel sick.
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

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